Our Cacao Ceremonies are held throughout Australia. 

From local ceremonies in our home town of Fremantle, to larger festival and community projects nationally (and internationally if required).

Please contact us if you feel that this offering would support your community arts project, festival, group or staff. 

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Full Cacao Ceremony - Friday 18th January 2019

Date: January 18, 2019

Start Time: 6:30 am
End Time: 9:30 pm


Part of the Bunbury Summer School Program, we are delighted to be invited for the first time to hold a full Cacao Ceremony down south! 

In this evening session we harness the essential human art of Ceremony, with the ancient history of working with the cacao plant medicine. The ceremony is guided by soundscape and sound technology supported meditation to transport you in the direction of your own heart and the collective power of ours.

Throughout the ceremony receive all the nutritional and spiritual benefits from the cacao plant with a concentrated, pure and traditionally prepared cacao drink to connect you to the senses. 

Delve into an immersive world of evocative and eclectic soundscapes all specifically and scientifically selected to assist the brain to access the deeper rhythms normally only accessible to those very experienced in meditation.

Connect through concentrated intent and attention where together- through ceremony, we can consciously create richer moments. 


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